Code of Practice

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Code of Practice (‘Code’)

This ‘Code’ covers the telecommunications business activities of Chatter Telecommunications Ltd (‘CTL’ or ‘The Company’).

The purpose of the Code is to give customers a clear understanding of the policies, products and services provided. It is CTL’s intention to over-achieve in the delivery of its services to its customers. CTL will do everything in its control to provide the best possible experience for its customers.
The Code also explains how customers may contact CTL and other independent organisations in the communications industry.


The Company provides the following telecommunication services: Broadband, Calls, Line rentals, Mobile, Wireless Technologies, VOIP / Hosted, SIP, CTI, Call Recording, Hardware Installation, Technical Support, Cloud Services and Non-geographic telephone numbers.

Cookie Policy

CTL uses Cookies on their site for tracking/analytics purposes only. If you are unaware of what cookies are or how they are used The Company recommends you visit this will give you details on how to control cookie use and delete them if required.
The only use of cookies on this site is first party cookies in conjunction with Google Analytics which CTL uses to gather data on visitor trends, all information gathered from these cookies is anonymous and is used to improve the visibility of the site. If you wish to review Google’s position on privacy with respect to its analytics service, please visit Google’s Privacy Overview

The CTL sites operate an “implied consent” policy for cookies which assumes the user has set their cookies on their browser to active. If you do not wish the sites to use cookies, you can delete CTL cookies from your browser or set your browser to not use cookies.

Pricing and Billing

Up to date and detailed pricing information is available upon request. CTL aims to ensure you understand and are fully aware of the price of its products and services before entering into any contractual agreement.

Terms and conditions are provided in full when you enter into contract and are subsequently available upon request and on CTL’s web site
As standard procedure CTL provides a monthly invoice and report which will clearly show the charges for using its services

Payment can be made by Direct Debt, Credit Card, Cheque or Standing Order Mandate. Payments are due 14 days after invoicing. CTL reserves the right to ask you for a deposit as part of the initial ordering process or if you default on any payment.

If you have any queries about pricing or billing arrangements you can contact The Company by telephone, email or post.


The Company’s policy is to refund any charges incorrectly invoiced to customers. This covers call charges and line rentals and is based on a principle of full refund of the unintended overcharge.

Complaints and Dispute Resolution

CTL is committed to providing excellent customer service. Should you have an issue with any aspect of its products, or service, there are a number of ways that CTL will resolve your query. Your first course of action should be to speak to CTL by telephone; and the Company will try to resolve your query there and then. If no-one is able to resolve your issue, arrangements will be made for us to call you at the earliest opportunity. In the event you remain dissatisfied with the solution or explanation offered you are advised to raise a formal complaint in writing to the following;

E-mail or by post to Customer Services, Chatter Telecommunications Ltd, 10 parchment street, Winchester, SO23 8AT. Tel:03333239511

CTL aims to acknowledge all letters of complaint within 2 days of their receipt, providing you with a case number, the name and job title of the person handling your complaint. A full response will be sent to you within ten days unless your complaint requires further investigation.

CTL’s objective is to ensure that the issue is resolved promptly, and that corrective action is taken wherever possible to prevent reoccurrence. If you are not happy with the response, then you may ask for the issue to be escalated to the appropriate Director for further investigation

The Company is registered with the Office of the Telecommunications Ombudsman (“Otelo”), which is an independent body that has been approved by the communications regulator, Ofcom, to handle disputes between communication companies and their small business customers. If The Company has not resolved your complaint to your satisfaction after eight weeks or if you have received a letter from The Company saying that it has made its final decision on your complaint and has reached “deadlock”, you may make a complaint through Otelo detailed in the following paragraph:

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Procedure

If it has been more than eight weeks from the date you first contacted The Company to complain or you have received a letter saying that your complaint has reached “deadlock”, then you may ask for help from the Telecommunications Ombudsman (“Otelo”), Ombudsman Services is an independent dispute resolution service approved by Ofcom. The job of Ombudsman Services is to sort out disputes between communications providers and their customers, investigating complaints fairly by listening to both sides of the story. They look at the facts given to them before recommending any action needed to put things right.

If at any time you are not satisfied with the progress of your complaint you can ask us to agree an early referral to Ombudsman Services (i.e. that we issue a deadlock letter). However, The Company may decline to do so if it believes it will shortly resolve your complaint and are taking active steps to do so.

Ombudsman Services Communications,
PO Box 730,

Phone – 0330 440 1614

Email –

Web –

This code is made available to the public free of charge via The Company website at

Contact details

Company: Chatter Telecommunications Ltd

Registered Office:
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Telephone:0333 323 9511